The Fusebit platform lets you easily build powerful Slack bots in your SaaS that delight your customers at a fraction of the development time.

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Your customers can integrate their slack with your app by using the Fusebit platform.

It's easy with Fusebit👇

Add Slack Connector

  • Integrate your product with Fusebit's Slack connector and other popular third-party APIs.

  • Use our embeddable white-label configuration and lifecycle management components to quickly set up an Integration hub in your SaaS application.

  • Authentication, lifecycle management, per-tenant configuration are all taken care of by the platform.



Code your Slack business logic

  • Match your business logic with the flexibility of code. Our developer-friendly platform makes you feel at home.

  • Write your Slack integration logic in Node.js with full access to the npm ecosystem.

  • Versioning, source control, and CI/CD make it easy to integrate Fusebit into your devops pipeline.


Deploy Slack integration

  • Fusebit’s multi-tenant runtime keeps Slack auth tokens secure for your customers and renews them automatically.

  • Automated health checks ensure your Slack bot stay up with minimal upkeep.

  • Alerting support will notify you if your Slack integration that requires your attention.

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Why should you try Fusebit?

Leave integration complexity to us 

  • Robust multi-tenant runtime

  • Third-party auth token storage

  • Embeddable white-label components

Spend less time learning

  • Connectors to most popular third-party APIs 

  • Ready-made templates for common scenarios

  • Standardized authentication model 

Don't worry about the infrastructure

  • Automated health checks with minimal upkeep

  • Throttling, and monitoring capabilities

  • Alerting when the system needs your attention
Fusebit integration health reports
Write your business logic with code

Fusebit management portal

Write your business logic in Node.js

Fusebit integration health reports